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How Does One Pick A Supplement for Their Dog?

Here are tips from veterinarians and independent entities that test dog supplements that are offered to the consumer.

  • Look for a brand that specializes in one area, or that has commissioned clinical studies of their products.

I have personally created FETCH that offers my Samoyeds the quality nutrients they need as an artic & working breed, including several Dalmatian litters.  Feel free to offer FETCH to your Samoyed friends too!

  • Read labels. Know the name of the ingredient you’re looking for, so you won’t be deceived by sound-alikes.

FETCH has an ingredient panel with organic & human grade ingredients, our product is Freshly sealed with quality controls available. GMP & the highest quality ingredients available.

  • Look for a lot number on the product, a sign that the company has set up quality control checks.

Each tub of FETCH has a lot number provided for quality control. Our product is made and manufactured at the Lab by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice stamp) Organic and Certified Plant. If a product is not GMP certified it’s not regulated.

  • Look for a contact for the company on the label. There should be an Email where you can ask who formulated the product, what expertise they have, and how long the manufacturer has been in business. Is where you can contact us!

  • Be wary of claims that sound too good to be true, such as promises to alleviate diseases like parvovirus, cancer, and other health ailments.

FETCH ingredients are validated. Numerous research of the minerals and vitamins in the product can be seen in many studies.

  • Look for Certification from an organization that has GMP Stamp independently verified on supplement’s contents.

Our manufacture’s facility works with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), check with manufacture of products to make sure they are under this umbrella in human products and FDA sanctioned Labs.  If it’s not GMP the ingredients label and the contents in the bag or container may not match up! There is no consistent governing source to ensure what’s on the label is in the container without the GMP Stamp. 

  • Be cautious about giving human supplements to dogs. Some products, such as garlic, can be dangerous for dogs.

Our ingredients are doggie safe!

  • Know the seller of the supplement you are giving your dog.  

We are not a commercial outlet, FETCH was started from scratch with observance and attention to the care we have given our personal dogs that are truly a family member as well as part of our breeding program and continue to be even after a litter leaves to their new home! We support and help all our pet families maintain their new puppy’s health just like their veterinarian.  With 40 years of ongoing experience we truly know the needs of our Samoyeds.