Meet Our Founder

Hello, my name is Carrie Collier and I have been Breeding, Grooming and Showing Samoyeds in conformation at AKC Dog Shows for 40 plus years now.  I have fed many various dog food and brands for over 3 decades.  To date Life’s Abundance is the best dog Food I have fed my own personal dogs, but it too is lacking important and vital things to make it an even better food.

FETCH was created by myself and my husband Palmer Collier.  As an expert in the Canine World I have earned the reputation of producing top winning and producing Samoyeds all over the world. In fact, dozens of countries, such as Asia, Europe and South America have purchased White Magic Samoyeds to start their own personal breeding programs.

Due to my passion for the Samoyed breed I have left no stone unturned when it comes to the quality of my dogs and their health.

It starts with a healthy breeding bitch and stud dog that produces healthy babies. My husband Palmer is a wellness and anti/aging consultant.  He has created and manufactured human grade supplements over the last 30 years. With our combined years of experience, knowledge and proficiency it has allowed us to formulate FETCH. This product was designed to ensure optimum puppy health as well as adult and veteran health for your pets.  How does the average or typical pet owner know the value of the consumable products they give their dogs to eat? That’s the question we all need to ask ourselves.

This is where my passion for my Samoyeds and making the best possible next generation needed to be looked at from the inside out!  There is limited regulations on dog food and its literally impossible to know what’s really in the bag of dog food.  3 decades later I have changed dog foods on a regular basis yes frustrating! As a responsible breeder and dog lover I have watched carefully as my Samoyeds and Breeding Program developed year after year.  It became obvious to me the impact that nutrition has on my Samoyeds within my breeding and high performance Dog Show Program generation after generation.  That’s a LOT of generations of Samoyeds 40+ years later!

In effect a generation is described as the average period, generally considered to be about 2 to 3 years during which puppies are born and grow up become adults and begin to have puppies of their own just to give you an idea.

This has vast value and importance. This all hands-on deck and daily eyeballing observation of my dogs was the perfect environment to know what works and what does not or what a healthy Samoyeds coat and skin looks like or not.  Thus, the frustration of changing out to new or different dog foods year after year. My Samoyed’s gorgeous white coats, looking dull, runny eyes, skin irritation, stool issues, lack of energy, personality quirks, moodiness, remember we are what we eat that goes for our dogs too! As I saw this happening when dog food companies were bought out and all of a sudden C Section after C Section and I researched dog food companies I was startled!  Why were dog food companies being purchased by big corporations that had nothing to do with producing dog food? The answer was staring at me right in the face!  The dog food industry is a multibillion-dollar business that’s why. When you’re a corporation like Palmolive and produce non-perishable items, what’s the correlation with dog food?  These CEO’s have no clue.

The frustrating challenge with dog food companies in my experience is that they tinker with the recipe to save money and their cost of goods to achieve a higher margin and give us the consumer and our furry friends a lesser quality product causing multiple health issues.

The dog food industry is a billion-dollar business, companies like Elmer’s Glue, Nestle, Palmolive, etc. and these Corporate Giants have bought many of the dog food companies you know so well today.  For Example Nestle purchased Purina in 2001. They know full well that dog food is an emotional purchase and a big profit industry they cut their cost of quality ingredients to increase margins and leaving us the consumer with a lesser nutritional quality product.

The average pet owner is left to buy what’s available to them. I myself being a breeder can see the lack of quality of a product through my Samoyeds and my breeding program.  It all starts with the health of my stud dogs(Sires) and healthy females(Dams) after all they are making the puppies. When puppies are born or being whelped, I can see how the mom handles this process, a healthy Samoyed female delivers the babies efficiently and quickly and avoids C-sections. When babies are in the whelping box nursing from mom, I can evaluate the newborn puppy’s health like bone quality, body weight and mobility. I have tracked my 8-week-old puppies till 15 years of age observing their quality of health.  I have been using my own breeding program for trials the last 38 years using various supplements. I finally decided after experiencing the good the bad and the ugly to take matters into my own hands and develop an organic and human grade product for my personal dogs and to share with you.

Ever wonder if the ingredient label validates what’s in the bag, can or tub?  The only way you know that for sure is if the label GMP is on it.

FETCH is GMP Certified which means “Good Manufacturing Practice”. This is an organization that puts both human and dog related manufactures to the legal test and forces an honesty policy.  If A company does not pass the GMP testing they lose their business via the court system if they are caught.

Always check for the Good Manufacturing Practice GMP written on the product label.  GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.  It is designed to minimize the risks involved.  Like the FDA regulating pharmaceutical production that eliminate errors through rigorous testing before the final product gets to market.  

FETCH Is Made In:
FDA Inspected Registered Facility
USDA National Organic Program (NOP)
Certified Organic by Quality Certification Services (QCS)
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) GMP validates Ingredients

It’s up to you, You are the health advocate for your animal, don’t you want him or her to have the best?
One can assume big corporations are about profit first, quality control second. In the human world of food and supplements there are regulatory agencies.  The FDA with our food supply as well as drugs.  Also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for all nutritional products. Human and Organic grade FETCH is GMP certified, in other words what we put on our label IS what is in our FETCH product.