About Us

Let’s Give Our Furry Friends The Best!

They Simply Deserve It!
Our mission is to give dogs worldwide the best support in experiencing optimal health so they can live a long-lasting vibrant life without overcomplicating it.

Meet Our Founder

Hello, my name is Carrie Collier and I have been Breeding, Grooming and Showing Samoyeds in conformation at AKC Dog Shows for 40 plus years now.  I have fed many various dog food and brands for over 3 decades.  To date Life’s Abundance is the best dog Food I have fed my own personal dogs, but it too is lacking important and vital things to make it an even better food.

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High Quality

As dog owners, we know you’re willing to do whatever it takes for your dogs' happiness, as we do too. The same mentality allows us to ensure we provide only the highest quality in everything we do to serve dogs worldwide.

I want the highest quality for my pup!


We want to know what we’re giving our dogs, so we do the same for you and make it simple to see what you’re giving your dog, hence being created in a GMP certified facility.

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Strength In Unity

We believe we are stronger together. FETCH has come to fruition because we have incredible people who have joined us on the mission of optimal health for our furry loved ones.

And we’ll only grow stronger and give every dog the most healthy and vibrant life they can experience as more people join our mission.

FETCH Optimal Health For Your Pup


As we’ve said, we want to provide the best for our furry friends and their owners — we want to give the best experience possible and welcome feedback with open arms so we can grow and flourish together.

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